Tiny Snail

Tiny Snail

A picture book. Text & illustrations Copyright © 2000 by Tammy Carter Bronson.

Tiny wants to live under the Maple Tree, but she cannot reach it in one night. Armed only with her friends’ advice, Tiny crawls into a land with no shade. Tiny sets goals and perseveres with an attitude of gratitude! Includes four pages of snail facts. (2nd Edition, 2002).

Hardcover, $17.00.
ISBN’s: 10 Digit 0-9678167-1-8
13 Digit 978-0-9678167-1-5

Softcover, $7.99.
ISBN’s: 10 Digit 0-9678167-2-6 / 13 Digit 978-0-9678167-2-2


Purchase an autographed copy direct from the author at www.shop.tammybronson.com with a secure online shopping cart. Credit cards accepted through Paypal. Additional Tiny Snail merchandise available including plush doll and puzzles!


  • “You’ll find yourself rooting for Tiny Snail as you turn the page. The appendix turns this delightful children’s book into a great children’s science book!” –Eclectic Homeschool Online (EHO)
  • “Highly recommended…” –Children’s Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review)
  • “Tiny Snail is the ‘Little Engine That Could’ of the forest.” -Dr. Betty Coody, Author of Using Literature With Young Children

VIDEOS: Watch the pages turn as Tammy reads her first picture book!


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