The Kaleidonotes & the Mixed-Up Orchestra


Text by Matthew S. Bronson & Tammy Carter Bronson

Art by Tammy Carter Bronson

Hardcover, $12.99.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9678167-6-0

Purchase an autographed copy direct from the author at www.shop.tammybronson.com with a secure online shopping cart. Credit cards accepted through Paypal.

FREE Kaleidonotes study guide for music class (includes Matching Game Activity).

BOOK SUMMARY: The Kaleidonotes help the confused instruments of the orchestra find their places on stage so the show can go on! A fun rhyming story that teaches instrument families and their places on stage.

VIDEOS: Watch the pages turn as Tammy reads her second picture book!


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  2. You came to my school at spring creek the other day and I just wanted to say that you and your husband are funny but you are two really cool people! I appreciate that you came to our school to do that and I also appreciate your interest in that! Thanks very, very, very much for you time in what you do for us!😇

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