PolliwogA bilingual picture book (English & Spanish).
Text & illustrations Copyright © 2004 by Tammy Carter Bronson.

Polliwog is a tadpole that does not know she’s turning into a frog! Her transformation forces her to enter an unknown world outside the pond where she learns to embrace her new life. Includes educational information about tadpoles, frogs, and spring peepers. Bilingual: English & Spanish.


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Hardcover, $17.00.
ISBN’s: 10 Digit 0-9678167-4-2 / 13 Digit 978-0-9678167-4-6

Softcover, $7.99.
ISBN’s: 10 Digit 0-9678167-5-0 / 13 Digit 978-0-9678167-5-3


“The watercolor illustrations are vivid, yet delicately shaded and finely detailed…this charming story offers inspiring lessons in adapting to change and accepting differences.” -ForeWord Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 3, 2004

“Engagingly written and illustrated…Polliwog is a welcome and informatively entertaining addition to family, school and community library picture book and/or wildlife collections.” -Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch, January 2004

VIDEOS: Watch the pages turn as Tammy reads her third picture book!


4 responses

  1. Mrs.Tammy,you enkereged me and my friend to write a book.It’s called

    Summer the Dog.

    Wear from Crockett Elamentery School.2nd Grade
    Our names are Ana(me)and Nicole(my friend).

  2. Dear Ana and Nicole,

    I’m so excited that you were encouraged to create a book together! I remember my visit to Crockett Elementary. You have a beautiful library at your school. There is a page on my blog about my visit at your school:


    I hope you share your story, “Summer the Dog,” with teachers and friends, and please keep reading and making books.

    Best Wishes,


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