My Apple Dilemma: Keep iWeb or Upgrade to Lion?

Unlike most people, I have not been looking forward to 2012 because I knew 2012 is the year I must resolve my issues with Apple. I’m fairly new to Apple technology. I bought my first Mac in August 2008. After only a few months with my MacBook, I decided I liked Apple so much I wanted to upgrade my desktop which was my primary computer. I purchased my iMac in May 2009. Prior to owning the iMac, I had reached a point in my writing career where I thought I could not carry on much less keep up with the changing technology. I was constantly at odds with my desktop PC. My poor husband was weary of helping me with it. I couldn’t check my email. The internet would not work. I didn’t know how to use the printer. On and on and on! All of those problems disappeared the day I brought my iMac home. By the end of Summer 2009 I was convinced that I made the right choice. Moving everything to Apple transformed my life. My productivity increased. Not only could I use my email, internet, and printer (All by myself!), suddenly I could turn my books into videos using iMovie. I started a YouTube Channel. I began to explore social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Best of all, I joined MobileMe. I loved it so much I purchased a second MobileMe account. I use one account under one username, and the other account under another. Why two separate accounts? One account is for my published children’s books. The other account is dedicated to my unpublished work for adults. I created a pen name for my historical novels and built a website for the novels under my pen name’s MobileMe account. For my children’s books I built two websites under my ‘Tammy Bronson’ MobileMe account: and I felt like I accomplished more in two years with my Mac than I accomplished in the eight previous years with my PC. I shoved my PC onto a storage shelf in the garage and said, “Good riddance!” My Mac was my best friend. Until June 2011.

Apple announces iCloud, iTunes Match; Kills MobileMe

In June 2011 Apple announced that MobileMe would switch to iCloud. The switch is not optional, and some MobileMe features (such as websites built with iWeb) will not transfer to the Cloud. Aargh! How could my best friend do this to me?

I talked to a few Mac people, read articles on the internet, and called web hosting sites. A service rep for a very popular web hosting service told me that iWeb would continue to work. I could still build my websites with iWeb, but I would upload my websites to their server instead of Apple. That representative was only partially right. With a Leopard platform, I can keep using iWeb to build and publish my websites. However, by staying with an old platform (Leopard or Snow Leopard) I can no longer update iTunes which means external devices like iPods cannot be updated either. If I stick with Leopard, I also can’t move to iCloud with the rest of the world. If I want to update software on my computer, I must upgrade to OS X Lion, however; once a computer is upgraded to OS X Lion, iWeb can no longer be accessed as an application. If you do not copy, print, save, or move your iWeb data to another website-builder, iWeb data will be lost once you upgrade to OS X Lion. What is the solution?

Do I keep my laptop computer with Leopard or Snow Leopard as long as possible, so my iWeb program will still exist and continue to work on that computer? A possibility, but not a very good long term solution. Initially, I didn’t want to find a solution. I just wanted to cry. I went through months of trial and error and even private training at an Apple store (paid by the hour) in 2009 in order to learn how to use iWeb. Now it is going away? After much  investigation, I finally formed a plan.

Step 1) Move all of the iWeb content I want to save to another platform such as WordPress. This is the most time-consuming part of my plan. I tried downloading my MobileMe site backups so I could move them to a new host, but those MobileMe/iWeb backups look like a jumbled mess in Dreamweaver. I realized that by the time I sorted the mess out, I could retype everything into WordPress.

As luck would have it, a Word Camp happened in my hometown right after Apple’s announcement. I went to Camp and decided to move my websites to WordPress. After much debate over whether or not to use or, I went with While moving my information has been time consuming, I’m pleased with the results. I managed to find a template at WordPress that looks very similar to my iWeb site.

My original iWeb Homepage for

I like the font better on my WordPress site. In fact, WordPress has many more advanced features than iWeb. Overall, I’m extremely pleased that I made the switch. After six months I’ve moved one  website (this one-, and the second ( is a work in progress. I still have the largest website (my novels) to move. Solution? Unfortunately, there’s only one. Move faster! Now is not the time to work at a snail’s pace.

Compare my old website at to this Blog. I now redirect ‘’ and ‘’ to my WordPress Blog.

Or compare my old to the new WordPress site.

Step 2) Once all of my websites have migrated to WordPress, I need to upgrade my Leopard to Snow Leopard. It comes in a box. Why buy Snow Leopard first? Why not just get OS X Lion? Apple explains it best:

“To upgrade your Mac to OS X Lion, you must be running OS X Snow Leopard. If you have OS X v10.5 Leopard, purchase OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard now and install it on your Mac. Then buy OS X Lion as a digital download from the Mac App Store.

Step 3) So, now I have Snow Leopard, I can visit the online Apple store and purchase the OS X Lion upgrade. It is an App, so it can only be purchased online and downloaded. You can’t go to your local Apple store and buy OS X Lion in a box. The days of owning your software on a disc are over. Everything is now floating in the ether.

Step 4) Once I’ve installed OS X Lion I can visit my MobileMe accounts and move them to iCloud. At least, I hope I can move both of them.

Using Apple IDs with iCloud

Apple says: “If you have a MobileMe account (you have an email that ends in or, you should enter your MobileMe email address when prompted for your Apple ID. This will set up MobileMe mail, contacts, calendar, and bookmarks on your device. This is also an important step for moving your MobileMe account to iCloud.”

But, what if you have two MobileMe accounts, like me? Can I move both? Apple store representatives tell me that I can. Essentially I will have two iCloud accounts. Please let that be right! One MobileMe account has all of my iTunes purchases and contacts, while the other account has all of my business email, important Safari bookmarks, etc. I paid for two accounts. I want to keep both.

Step 5) Now that I have OS X Lion, I can update my iTunes which means I can finally update my iPod and iPad.

To quote Charlie Brown: “Good grief!”

This would not feel like such a bad transition if step one didn’t exist: moving my websites. I hope by Summer 2012 my Mac and I will be best friends again. For now, our relationship is still a bit frosty.

Further Reading

Lion: Ten Things That Bug Me by Erica Sadun July 2011

Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. OS X Lion by John Cox, Network World

Snow Leopard vs Lion: Performance Head to Head by cNet

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Anatomy of an Author Visit Prep Packet

When a school signs up for an author visit, I send the school a confirmation packet filled with goodies that a librarian or teacher can use to prepare students for my program. Here is a sneak peek of the contents.

1 – Letter to the school confirming the date.

2 – Hardcover copy of Polliwog.

3 – Hardcover copy of Tiny Snail.

4 – Hardcover copy of “Sea Horse, run!”.

5 – Hardcover copy of Kaleidonotes.

6 – Four bookmarks (one for each book).

7 – Activity for Kaleidonotes.

8 – Activities for Tiny Snail including…
“Tiny Snail taught me…” Activity (For Bulletin Board)
Teacher’s Guide for Tiny Snail

9 – Activities for Polliwog including…
Frog Life Cycle Activity (Color, Cut, & Paste)
Teacher’s Guide to Polliwog

10 – Activities for “Sea Horse, run!” including…
“Sea Horse, run!” Teacher’s Guide.
Sea Horse Diagram
Brain Coral Maze
Draw Sea Horse with a Dot-to-Dot Activity

11 – DVD with videos of the books and me as the narrator.
Video of Tiny Snail.
Video of Kaleidonotes.
Video of Polliwog (English).
Video of Polliwog (Spanish).
“Sea Horse, run!” video is only available on the DVD.

12 – Timetable for a Successful Author Visit.

13 – Author Photo.

14 – Invoice for author visit fee and travel expenses.

15 – Book flyers for students who want to purchase books.

16 – Shipping label.

(17 )- FAQ by Teachers & Administrators / Program Outline for K-5 (not pictured above).

Want an author visit at your school?

Email books @ for cost and availability in your area.

Timetable for a Successful Author Visit

Before I arrive for an author visit, I mail the school a confirmation packet that includes hardcover copies of the books (autographed to the school) with activities, a DVD of the books with me as narrator, and book flyers.

I depend on the school to inform students that I’m coming, so I like to provide a timetable in the packet.


1) Read at least one of the stories to the students. The music teacher can easily add Kaleidonotes to his/her curriculum. The remaining books may be shared several ways:

• Read the book(s) during library, at an assembly, or with the announcements.

• Or multitask! Engage students by playing the DVD of the book(s) on a projection screen as the teacher/librarian prepares their next lesson. The videos may also be accessed at my YouTube Channel.

Tiny Snail YouTube Video

Polliwog YouTube Video

Kaleidonotes YouTube Video

The video of my new book, “Sea Horse, run!”, is on the DVD but not on YouTube.

After reading “Sea Horse, run!”, you may want to watch my YouTube video about the art in the book. SPOILER ALERT: The video focuses on the ribboned sea dragon, and it gives away the ending in the story. I recommend reading the book first then watching the video.

My You Tube Channel

My You Tube Channel


2) Please inform the teachers of the visit by e-mailing a link to my website, Electronic copies of teacher’s guides, activities, and my presentation outline are available here and may be sent as e-mail attachments. The materials are also in the confirmation packet. Feel free to photocopy them for classroom use.

3) Send book flyers home with students BEFORE the visit. (The book flyers are in the confirmation packet. I send one copy for each student. The date of the visit is printed on the flyer). You may copy the book flyer for students who lose their first flyer.

Book Order Form

4) E-mail a copy of the schedule to me at books @



8:20- 9:00 Kindergarten

9:05- 9:45 First Grade

9:50- 10:35 Second Grade

10:45 – 11:30 Third Grade

Author’s Lunch 11:30-12:15

12:30-1:15 Fourth Grade

1:25- 2:15 Fifth Grade

2:15- 3:00 Book Signing

Half Day (AM)  (3 groups)

Arrive 7:45 am to setup

8:20-9:00 K-1st

9:10-9:55 2nd-3rd

10:05-10:55 4th-5th

11:00-11:30 Book signing

More sample schedules for a few of the schools I visited in Fall 2011 may be found in these blog posts:

Jackson Primary School
Trip Elementary
Dwight Elementary
McKelvey Elementary
St. Patrick School
Three Author Visits Oct 12th and 14th
Author Visits in Bryant, Arkansas
Liberty Christian School
Morton Elementary
Harvey Oaks Elementary


I prefer to set up in one location because I bring large poster displays and many hand-held visuals. Set up time is 15 minutes. I always arrive 30 minutes prior to the first presentation so I have plenty of time to set up. If I must move to another location at some point during the day, I need at least 20 minutes to disassemble, move, and reassemble my displays. If more than one location is required, please factor this additional time into the schedule.

I generally have one book signing at the end of the day for students; however, this is flexible depending on your needs. I pre-autograph books with the exception of the child’s name so I can conduct the signing quickly and efficiently. PLEASE DO NOT SEPARATE THE MONEY FROM THE FLYER. The money could be lost then the child will not receive their book.

It is helpful to a have a liaison or helper nearby if any problems or questions arise (especially during the book signing).

*     *     *     *     *

I hope this information will assist schools and librarians preparing for my next author visit. Please email questions or comments to books @  Happy Reading!

Author Visit Timetable PDF

Fan Mail From Liberty Christian School

As I sorted through a large pile of envelopes on my desk this afternoon, I found a stack of fan mail from students at Liberty Christian School. Here is a sample of pictures and letters the children made for me. (Read my original blog post about the author visit at Liberty Christian on November 1, 2011.)

Book Covers drawn by Hayden B. at Liberty Christian School

“Sea Horse, run!” and TINY SNAIL covers drawn by Hayden B.

Emily's Tiny Snail

TINY SNAIL cover drawn by Emily C.

Madison's Tiny Snail

TINY SNAIL cover drawn by Madison.

Drawing of Polliwog's Cover by Hayden at Liberty Christian School.

Polliwog cover drawn by Hayden S.

Tiny Snail Cover drawn by Tye at Liberty Christian School.

TINY SNAIL cover drawn by Tye.

A few students simply wrote letters instead of drawing a picture. This student forgot to sign their letter, but TINY SNAIL‘s message of perseverance and never give up made a big impression:

Liberty Christian Letter

“Thank you help me want to read more and to learn more of things learn as much I can and inspir’d me to write a book and write and try and never stop from your book the snail book”

*     *     *     *     *

Thankfully one student found my program both inspiring and entertaining:

Letter by Laura at Liberty Christian

“Thank you for coming. It helped me to do beter [better] in things. My favorite part was when you droo [drew] a frog. You inspired me to never give up. You’re very funny. Love Laura”

*     *     *     *     *

Avery's Letter

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bronson,

I have always wanted to be a writer. I have [been] making up stories since I was three years old. Thank you for coming and talking to us about your books. My favorite book is ‘SEA HORSE, RUN!’. I really want to do picture books. Thank you for coming to the school and sharing about your books. You should keep writing!


*     *     *     *     *

Bella's Envelope

One student sent their letter in a separate envelope they decorated especially for me!

Bella's Letter

“Dear Mr. & Mrs. Bronson,

I had a great time when you came to our school and I really like your cute books and I can’t wait to read new ones that you wrote! I love to write and illustrate. I also want to be the same thing you are right now! You inspired  me that its not those big animals that always matter. Your books tell us that even the smallest creatures are very special because God made them that way! Thanks!

Love from Liberty Christian


TIP: Keep writing!”

I will keep writing, Bella!

*     *     *     *     *

A BIG thank you to ALL of the students at Liberty Christian for sending such wonderful pictures and letters. I keep my fan mail, and I will treasure your words of encouragement. You keep writing, too!

Red Rocks Elementary at Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado

Red Rocks Elementary Librarian

Tammy (left) and Courtney Drysdale, Librarian (right), at the Red Rocks Elementary Library.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Red Rocks Elementary is a wonderful school located in Morrison, Colorado, a popular tourist destination just 30 minutes from downtown Denver.

View from the Red Rocks Elementary library window.

View from the Red Rocks Elementary library window.

I spoke to Red Rocks’ students on Thursday, November 10, 2011, and I was impressed that the  children can see the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater from the library window.

9:15-10:00 AM 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades

10:10-10:40 AM Kindergarten & 1st Grades

10:50-11:35 AM 2nd and 3rd Grades

Red Rocks Amphitheater Enlarged

Enlarged view of part of the Red Rocks Amphitheater as seen from the library window.

I regret that we did not have more time to drive into the park itself. This is an area I would love to visit again only next time as a tourist. Red Rocks Park has a fabulous website with great photos of the area at:

We had to leave the school at midday and drive back to Lakewood to visit Green Gables Elementary that afternoon.

12:40-1:20 Kindergarten & 1st Grades

1:20-2:05 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades

2:15-3:00 2nd & 3rd Grades

Both schools are small with only about 350 students each, and Courtney Drysdale is the librarian at both Red Rocks and Green Gables. Courtney did a fabulous job organizing our visits!

My husband and I did manage to take one day off during our trip to Denver. We spent that day in Boulder, Colorado. It was our first trip to Boulder, and my favorite tourist attraction that day was our tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company. I love tea!

Celestial Seasonings Tea Shop, Boulder, Colorado

Celestial Seasonings Tea Shop, Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state, and we were very fortunate that the weather was gorgeous all week (50 degrees or more). We’re looking forward to visiting the Denver area again.

My Visits to Dennison and Devinny Schools in Lakewood, CO

After visiting two schools in Omaha, Nebraska, I drove to Denver, Colorado where  my husband and I visited several schools in or near the Lakewood suburb. A kindergarten teacher at Dennison Elementary, Robin Wheatley, organized our visit for Tuesday, November 8, 2011. The presentations were in the Gym, and despite the fact that they were large groups (100+ students in each), the children were very attentive and respectful.

Dennison Elementary Sign9:00-9:45 am  Grade 6
9:50-10:30  Grades K & 1
10:35-11:20 Grade 4
12:10-12:50 pm Lunch
12:50-1:35 Grade 3
1:40-2:25 Grade 2
2:30-3:15 Book Signing in Library

Sadly the teachers were not able to attend the program with their students, so they relied on feedback from the kids to know what we talked about. One teacher’s students were so enthusiastic she wrote:

Dear Tammy,

I think the kids thoroughly enjoyed your visit. I think they enjoyed hearing and seeing the process you go through to write and illustrate a book. I know they enjoyed interacting with your husband, when they got to be part of the orchestra. Those types of activities are always engaging to children.

Thank you for the visit.

Marijo Lovell
First Grade Teacher
Dennison Elementary

As we left the school I noticed that Dennison Elementary was awarded a Blue Ribbon in 2010 under the No Child Left Behind Act. Congratulations, Dennison!

Dennison Elementary is a Blue Ribbon School

The following day I went to Devinny Elementary, also in Lakewood. The librarian, Angela Wagner, did a fabulous job introducing us to each group. Angela was very enthusiastic and fun to work with.

Devinny Elementary Librarian

Devinny Elementary Librarian, Angela Wagner (left), and Tammy.

Devinny Elementary SignWednesday, November 8, 2011 Schedule:
9:50-10:30 AM Kinder/1st (6 classes)
10:40-11:20 AM 2nd Grade (4 classes)
11:25-12:05 AM 3rd Grade (3 classes)
12:05-1:05 PM Lunch
1:05-1:45 PM 6th Grade (4 classes)
1:50-2:30 PM 4th Grade (4 classes)
2:35-3:10 PM 5th Grade (3 classes)
3:15-4:30 Book Signing

Devinny Elementary Library

Devinny Elementary Library

All of the Devinny presentations were in the library, and they had a great projection system with a document camera that I could use to show students small details of my art and writing. The teachers attended the programs with their students, and one teacher wrote:

Hi Tammy,
I am a 6th grade teacher at Devinny Elementary. The 6th graders really enjoyed seeing how you created your drawings. In addition, we are currently doing the research portion of a nonfiction paper, so when you talked about doing lots of research before you start writing, it really tied to our work in the classroom.

Thank you for a great presentation!!

Melissa Girard
Devinny  Elementary
6th grade teacher

Thank you, Ms. Lovell and Ms. Girard, for writing. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting both of your schools!

Visiting Harvey Oaks Elementary, Omaha, NE

Friday, November 4th, 2011 was a full day of “Animal Antics” at Harvey Oaks Elementary. The school’s principal, Mrs. Dawn Marten, was the assistant principal at Neihardt Elementary, an Omaha school we visited last fall (November 8, 2010). Without a doubt, Mrs. Marten’s fond memories of our visit to Neihardt contributed to our warm reception at Harvey Oaks.

In celebration of my visit, students in kindergarten through 5th grade wrote stories or  drew pictures inspired by my books. We were amazed by the quality and quantity of creative work produced by the Harvey Oaks’ students.

Matthew Shane Bronson & Tammy Carter Bronson at Harvey Oaks Elementary

An underwater bulletin board featured original, multicolored sea horse art inspired by  “Sea Horse, run!”.

Close-up of sea horses by Harvey Oaks students.

First grade students painted lovely, underwater scenes inspired by Polliwog.

Watercolor paintings by 1st grade students at Harvey Oaks Elementary inspired by POLLIWOG. .

9:00 – 9:35 am Kindergarten
9:45 – 10:30 am 2nd Grade
10:50 – 11:25 am 1st Grade
11:30 – 12:30 pm Lunch provided by Bear Creek Coffee Cafe
12:30 – 1:15 pm 5th Grade
1:25 – 2:10 pm 4th Grade
2:20 – 3:05 pm 3rd Grade

More POLLIWOG art by 1st graders at Harvey Oaks.

Fourth grade students wrote stories that utilized a character trait from Tiny Snail. Some stories demonstrated attitude, self-esteem or how to set goals, while other stories reinforced attributes such as courage, perseverence, or gratitude.

A wall of stories by 4th grade students at Harvey Oaks Elementary.

Tammy C. Bronson and the Harvey Oaks Librarian, Sue Hillman.

The school’s librarian, Sue Hillman, presented us with a gift basket featuring foods made in Nebraska.

Harvey Oaks Elementary Gift Basket

Ms. Cook, a 3rd grade teacher at Harvey Oaks, applied for and won a grant from the Milliard Public Schools Foundation. This “Animal Antics Grant” supported my author visit which focused on snails, frogs and sea horses. The grant also paid for a complete collection of World Books of Animals for the school library. Later this year, the grant will enable Harvey Oaks students to connect with animals through a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

The new World Book collection at Harvey Oaks Elementary.

Congratulations, Harvey Oaks, on winning your grant, and thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your “Animal Antics.” We will treasure the memories!

My Visit to Morton Elementary in Omaha, NE

Morton Elementary went “to infinity and beyond” when they organized an Enrichment Day based on my author visit. It was amazing!

Every hour of Enrichment Day was designed to support one of my books. A representative from the Henry Doorly Zoo spoke with students about ocean animals, a program that supported “Sea Horse, run!”. Another talk entitled “Project Wild” included real toads and frogs in honor of my Polliwog book and was presented by the Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium in Gretna, Nebraska. A violinist and a percussionist demonstrated instruments and talked to students about the orchestra. Both orchestra programs reinforced the educational aspects of our Kaleidonotes book.

Meanwhile, in Morton’s library I discussed how I wrote, illustrated and published my picture books.

Students’ art decorated windows and walls throughout the school, and I especially loved the welcome sign taped to the office window.

Shane admires the welcome sign in the office window at Morton Elementary.

"Welcome Guests" Sign by Morton Students

Close-up of the Sign by Morton Students

The students and staff of Morton Elementary presented us with a Certificates of Appreciation.

Certificate of Appreciation Presented by Morton Elementary

Morton’s librarian, Heidi Neumann, did a fantastic job organizing and hosting the event, and we are so grateful to Karen Adams for making our visit possible by handling the book sales on behalf of Barnes and Noble.

Left to Right: Morton Librarian Heidi Neumann, Author Tammy C. Bronson, Karen Adams of Milliard Public Schools

Thank you, Morton Elementary, for making November 3rd, 2011 a day to remember!

My Author Visit at Liberty Christian School

The students and staff at Liberty Christian School in Argyle, Texas gave me a warm welcome Tuesday morning, November 1st.  My program was in the Fine Arts Auditorium where they had a giant screen that lowered in front of the stage. The librarian, Yvonne Lacy, provided a document camera so I could project images of my books on the screen for 3rd through 6th grades.

3rd/4th Grades from 8:40 to 9:25 am
6th Grade from 9:45 to 10:30 am
5th Grade from 10:35 to 11:20 am

Mrs. Lacy did a fantastic job preparing the students for my visit. Many of them were serious writers in their own right and very interested in the publication process.

Librarian Yvonne Lacy & Tammy Bronson

Some popular questions from students included…

How many rewrites did you do for “Sea Horse, run!”? Answer: 19
How many copies of Tiny Snail are in print?

Mrs. Lytle’s 6th grade class wanted to know…

How many published titles do I have. Answer: Four. Tiny Snail (2000), Kaleidonotes (2001), Polliwog (2004), and Sea Horse, run!” (2011)

How many awards and honors have I received. Answer:  “Sea Horse, run!” has won two awards: 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best Picture Book, and it is a Finalist in the USA Best Book Awards in the picture book category.

Three interesting facts about me.

Who or what has influenced my writing. Answer: My fellow Arkansas author, Darcy Pattison.

I was very impressed with the students, staff, and the amazing facilities at Liberty Christian. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit!

Here is a link to the lovely article about our visit on the Liberty Christian Website:

LCS Library Welcomes Visiting Authors

Almost 25,000 copies of TINY SNAIL in print

After more than a decade, over 18,000 copies of Tiny Snail are inching their way around the world. Many teachers wanted access to a video of the book for the classroom, so in March 2010 I posted videos of my books on YouTube. Polliwog and Kaleidonotes have been viewed a few hundred times, but in eighteen months the Tiny Snail video has been viewed 2,610 times! Tiny Snail is by far my most popular book, and last week she entered her 10th printing. Our shipment of books arrived  Tuesday, October 25th. Unfortunately the truck did not have a lift, so we unloaded 53 boxes (4,300 copies) by hand.

Tiny Snail Boxes on the Truck

Although a couple of boxes were damaged, the books inside were unharmed.

24,786 copies of Tiny Snail are now in print!

TINY SNAIL Date Soft cover Hard cover
1st Printing 3/18/00 2200
2nd Printing 12/27/01 2200
3rd Printing 9/23/02 5495
4th Printing 12/16/04 2000
5th Printing 4/18/05 500
6th Printing 2/28/07 889
7th Printing 1/28/08 4376
8th Printing 10/25/08 950
9th Printing 10/19/10 1860
10th Printing 10/25/11 4300
TOTALS 16371 8399

Go, Tiny, go!