Timetable for a Successful Author Visit

Before I arrive for an author visit, I mail the school a confirmation packet that includes hardcover copies of the books (autographed to the school) with activities, a DVD of the books with me as narrator, and book flyers.

I depend on the school to inform students that I’m coming, so I like to provide a timetable in the packet.


1) Read at least one of the stories to the students. The music teacher can easily add Kaleidonotes to his/her curriculum. The remaining books may be shared several ways:

• Read the book(s) during library, at an assembly, or with the announcements.

• Or multitask! Engage students by playing the DVD of the book(s) on a projection screen as the teacher/librarian prepares their next lesson. The videos may also be accessed at my YouTube Channel.

Tiny Snail YouTube Video

Polliwog YouTube Video

Kaleidonotes YouTube Video

The video of my new book, “Sea Horse, run!”, is on the DVD but not on YouTube.

After reading “Sea Horse, run!”, you may want to watch my YouTube video about the art in the book. SPOILER ALERT: The video focuses on the ribboned sea dragon, and it gives away the ending in the story. I recommend reading the book first then watching the video.

My You Tube Channel

My You Tube Channel


2) Please inform the teachers of the visit by e-mailing a link to my website, www.tinysnail.com. Electronic copies of teacher’s guides, activities, and my presentation outline are available here and may be sent as e-mail attachments. The materials are also in the confirmation packet. Feel free to photocopy them for classroom use.

3) Send book flyers home with students BEFORE the visit. (The book flyers are in the confirmation packet. I send one copy for each student. The date of the visit is printed on the flyer). You may copy the book flyer for students who lose their first flyer.

Book Order Form

4) E-mail a copy of the schedule to me at books @ bookaroos.com.



8:20- 9:00 Kindergarten

9:05- 9:45 First Grade

9:50- 10:35 Second Grade

10:45 – 11:30 Third Grade

Author’s Lunch 11:30-12:15

12:30-1:15 Fourth Grade

1:25- 2:15 Fifth Grade

2:15- 3:00 Book Signing

Half Day (AM)  (3 groups)

Arrive 7:45 am to setup

8:20-9:00 K-1st

9:10-9:55 2nd-3rd

10:05-10:55 4th-5th

11:00-11:30 Book signing

More sample schedules for a few of the schools I visited in Fall 2011 may be found in these blog posts:

Jackson Primary School
Trip Elementary
Dwight Elementary
McKelvey Elementary
St. Patrick School
Three Author Visits Oct 12th and 14th
Author Visits in Bryant, Arkansas
Liberty Christian School
Morton Elementary
Harvey Oaks Elementary


I prefer to set up in one location because I bring large poster displays and many hand-held visuals. Set up time is 15 minutes. I always arrive 30 minutes prior to the first presentation so I have plenty of time to set up. If I must move to another location at some point during the day, I need at least 20 minutes to disassemble, move, and reassemble my displays. If more than one location is required, please factor this additional time into the schedule.

I generally have one book signing at the end of the day for students; however, this is flexible depending on your needs. I pre-autograph books with the exception of the child’s name so I can conduct the signing quickly and efficiently. PLEASE DO NOT SEPARATE THE MONEY FROM THE FLYER. The money could be lost then the child will not receive their book.

It is helpful to a have a liaison or helper nearby if any problems or questions arise (especially during the book signing).

*     *     *     *     *

I hope this information will assist schools and librarians preparing for my next author visit. Please email questions or comments to books @ bookaroos.com.  Happy Reading!

Author Visit Timetable PDF

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