My Author Visit at Trip Elementary

On Tuesday (September 27th) I visitied Trip Elementary in the historic town of Grayson, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Grayson has six elementary schools, all a part of the Gwinnett County Public School system. Trip Elementary has almost 850 students (K-5th), but even with an average of 140 students in each grade, the library was large enough to accommodate every group.

Trip Elementary Library

4th Grade:  8:55 – 9:45
5th Grade:  9:55 – 10:40
2nd Grade:   10:45 – 11:20
3rd Grade:  12:20 – 12:55
Kinder:  1:05 – 1:40
1st Grade:  1:45 – 2:20

The Whimsical Entrance to Trip Elementary's Library

Technology can be unreliable, so generally I use hand-held visuals (books, sample art, posters, etc.) when I talk to students. I rarely use multi-media in my programs, but the librarian, Nicole Dineen, set up a document camera so students in the back of the room could see the details of some of my smaller visuals. The document camera worked perfectly, and it allowed me, for first time at a school, to use my iPad with the 4th and 5th grade students. The document camera projected a few minutes of footage from my ribboned sea dragon video.

Tammy (Left) and Nicole Dineen, Librarian at Trip Elementary.

Nicole did a great job organizing the visit. Many thanks to the students and staff for our warm welcome!

After the visit I drove as far as Memphis where I spent the night in Marion, Arkansas. The next morning I drove the remaining distance home, and somewhere between Memphis and Little Rock my little Honda Fit reached a milestone: 100,000 miles!

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